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Introduction to Blockchain – Tampa

July 31

cryptocurrency - blockchain protocols

“Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) are changing the world everyday! From finance to security, voting records, and intellectual property. The power and potential of this technology will be redefining the 21st century.”

That’s why here at Government Blockchain Association, we want everyone to be up to speed on the latest developments. These events may range from classes to seminars to interest meetings about various applications of blockchain technology. We are always looking to find news ways to educate interested professionals about DTL and its potential government related use cases

Introduction to Blockchain One Day Course

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is offering an “Introduction to Blockchain” course that is one day in duration.  This is the first in a series of classes and certifications offered by GBA that will that will build competencies in two categories: the blockchain developer and the blockchain analyst.  Both are appropriate for civil servants, government contractors, systems integrators and anyone who desires to be trained in harnessing the powerful capabilities of blockchain.

At the conclusion of this course, the attendee will receive a certificate, issued by the GBA, indicating professional certification to move forward in the management of blockchain projects.

Here are the learning objectives of the “Introduction to Blockchain” One Day Course:

  • To attain a basic understanding of the following terms:

o    Cryptocurrency

o    Blockchain

o    Smart Contract

  • To identify the ten most common cryptocurrencies including their use, advantages and disadvantages
  • To be able to participate in a Cryptocurrency transaction.
  • To be able to describe several use cases for blockchain technologies by government and non-government entities
  • Be able to discuss the actors in the Cryptocurrency EcoSystem
  • Have a basic understanding of how individuals and both private and public organizations are using Blockchain technology
  • Be able to Search for and Find Additional Information to further an understanding of this domain and technology.

Free membership is offered in the GBA (in order to receive discount) at www.governmentblockchain.org

(Actual address of classroom will be provided to registrants prior to course dates)



Non Member Tuition = $550 (includes one year membership)

GBA Member Tuition $ 500

Add 5.667% for Event Brite fee

(Bitcoin payments will be accepted with future classes later this year; stay tuned!)